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Whats an achieved status?
a status you have worked for.
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Define Anomie?
State of confusion where norms of society break down.
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Whats Capitalism?
Economic system- Employers buy workers' labour in return for wages.
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Whats collective consciousness?
Shared values and norms holding society together.
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What is communism?
System of Gov. Theoretically based on society without class, private ownership has been abolished.
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What does conform mean?
Go along with societys norms and values.
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What is consensus?
A shared agreement.
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Whats cultural capital?
Knowledge, language, attitudes and values that can be turned into material rewards.
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Whats a cultural deprivation theory
A theory that believes working class culture makes people disadvantaged.
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Whats culture?
A way of life, set of norms and values.
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Whats delinquency? Deviance?
Bad behaviour/ social disruption. Goes against norms/values.
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A discourse?
Discussion about something.
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Durkheim 1858-1917
Beliefs different parts of society, have different roles; like organs of the body.
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Whats an ethnic group?
Common culture, refers to religion, language etc.
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What does ethnocentric mean?
Centred around values and interests of one particular group.
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Define ethnography?
Description of way of life, based on observations/interviews etc.
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Whats false consciousness?
any belief or view that prevents a person from being able to understand the true nature of a situation.
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False needs?
A need for goods that arent needed.
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Folk devil?
A person or thing held to be a bad influence on society.
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What's gender?
Social construction, sex you're born with- however masculinity and femininity are identies you're socialised into.
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What's hegemony?
Domination of one group over another, or set of ideas over another.
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Whats the hidden curriculum?
Social norms/values taught at school, but not regular curriculum.
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System ranking people according to status.
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Hypothetico deductive model
Coming up with an idea and experimenting to see whether or not its true.
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Define Iatrogenesis?
Appearance of health problems caused by the medical system.
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Define infrastructure?
Basic structure foundations of society.
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What is institutional Racism?
When policies/attitudes of an institution discriminate against ethnic minorities.
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What are institutions of society?
Laws/customs- family, religion, education and healthcare system.
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What are internalised norms/values?
Norms and values that have become part of who you are and the way you think.
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Whats interpretivism?
Sociological approach, focuses on actions/thoughts of an individual.
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Define Anomie?


State of confusion where norms of society break down.

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Whats Capitalism?


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Whats collective consciousness?


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What is communism?


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