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2. What is electrophoresis?

  • Splitting of DNA with light
  • The combination of smaller DNA fragments to make a genetic fingerprint
  • Separation of DNA fragments to make a genetic fingerprint
  • Separates RNA fragments to make a fingerprint

3. What do antagonistic drugs do to synaptic transmission?

  • inhibits the enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters
  • stimulate release of neurotransmitter from presynaptic neurone so more receptors are activated
  • They block receptors so they cant be activated by neurotransmitters
  • More receptors are activated as drugs same shape as the neurotransmitters

4. DNA polymerase?

  • A restriction endonuclease
  • An enzyme that joins DNA nucleotides together
  • An enzyme that breaks Hydrogen bonds between nucleotides

5. Germ line therapy, which of the following does if affect allele wise?

  • Muscle cells
  • Eye cells
  • Sex cells
  • Body cells


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