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1. What is resistance?

  • Something that stops something
  • How hard it is to get through something
  • The measure of how hard it is to get a current throught a component at a particular voltage
  • he refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.
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2. Why can Static Electricity become a nuisance?

  • It makes clothes stick to your skin, and can cause dust particles to stick to insulating materials like TV screens
  • It makes you delusional.
  • It hurts a lot!
  • It can make your skin itchy.

3. What is the affects the amount of background radiation?

  • The rocks in the area and tides on the shore
  • Cosmic rays and rocks in the area
  • The moons position in the sky

4. What is half-life?

  • Aged 50
  • The time taken for the number of nuclei in the sample to half
  • The time taken for half of someones life to pass by

5. Why must tracers have short half-lives?

  • So the patient isn't radioactive for long
  • So the people selling them can make more money
  • Less storage needed


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