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2. How can we gives rocks a name?

  • Look at the plants growing around it
  • Measure the amount of radioactive uranium and lead inside
  • Measure the amount of stone particles it has
  • Give it a number

3. What is gamma radiation?

  • A helium nucleus
  • An electromagnetic wave
  • A fast moving electron

4. How do ultrasound waves break down kidney stones?

  • They make them vibrate, disperse and break up so they're easier to pass through urine
  • The make them vibrate so they're easier to pass through feces
  • Make a loud noise that scare the microorganisms causing the kidney stones to vanish

5. What are some uses of ultrasound?

  • Scaring dogs from shops
  • Body Scans and breaking down kidney stones
  • Dj-ing and Music Media
  • Pregnancy scans and Diabetes


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