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2. Name 3 uses of static electricity...

  • Deifbrillators and washing machines
  • Defibrillators, smoke detectors and spray painting
  • Spray painting and computer making
  • To shock your friends

3. What happens when a beta particle is emitted from the nucleus?

  • Atomic Mass is the same, Atomic Number increases by 1
  • Atomic mass increases by 7 and the Atomic number stays the same
  • Atomic number and mass stay the same. Nucleus is ionized.

4. What are tracers used for?

  • Finding, leaks/blockages/routes of pipes and for searching through rubbish
  • As terminals in an airport to check for explosives, sharp objects and anything else illegal that should not be leaving the country
  • For searching for drugs
  • For Searching through rubbish and lost items

5. What is half-life?

  • Aged 50
  • The time taken for the number of nuclei in the sample to half
  • The time taken for half of someones life to pass by


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