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1. Why must tracers have short half-lives?

  • So the patient isn't radioactive for long
  • So the people selling them can make more money
  • Less storage needed
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2. What are some uses of ultrasound?

  • Body Scans and breaking down kidney stones
  • Scaring dogs from shops
  • Pregnancy scans and Diabetes
  • Dj-ing and Music Media

3. What do radioactive materials give out from their nucleus's?

  • Nuclear Radiation
  • More radioactive materials
  • Chemicals

4. Which wire is brown?

  • Fuse wire
  • Neutral Wire
  • Live Wire
  • Earth Wire

5. Why is static electricity a problem for flour mills?

  • Static causes flour to turn into water
  • Flour mills have a high concentration of fine particles so a single spark could lead to an explosion.
  • Its not.
  • Static make the flour change state.


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