Unit 3 geography keywords 2013

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An area of flat, high land
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Transnational companies (TNCs)
Large international companies
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Cash crops
Crops sold for export
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Goods that are sold
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Good soil that is rich in nutrients
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Human Development Index (HDI)
Measures the development of a country on a scale of 0 to 1
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Rate of natural increase
Shows the rate of growth of a country's population and is measured using birth rate minus death rate
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GDP per capita
Approximate value of goods produced per person in the country. It's equal to a country's GDP divided by its population.
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Goods and services brought in from another country
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Someone who has HIV
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A virus that attacks the body's immune system and depletes the sufferers energy
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A place that is separated from the surrounding areas
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Subsistence farmers
People that grow crops for themselves and their family with little surplus crops or income
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A piece of land rented or sold to a farmer
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The purchase of goods that are used in the future to create wealth
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Extended family
Includes relatives that are not closely related to you, such as cousins
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Low productivity
Produce a small amount of crops
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Cycle of poverty
Subsistence farming means that there is little produce and little surplus income. So, farmers cannot afford to invest in machinery or fertilisers to increase their productivity.
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Resources are put into a system to obtain a desired outcome
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Artificial fertiliser
Fertilisers made through chemical processes. They nurture the soil.
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Poison used to kill harmful insects or weeds
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Literacy rate
Percentage of people in a country who can read and write
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Gender inequalities
Unequal treatment of men/women in a place
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Manual labour
Manual (heavy) work
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Domestic work
Work in the home
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The money/goods that the bride's family gives to her husband when they are married
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Maternal mortality rate
Amount of mothers that die during labour
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A person hasn't got enough nutrients
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Pit latrines
A hole in the ground with a pit underneath that is used as a toilet
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Cutting down trees
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The variety of plants and animals in an area
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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Aims created by the UN in 2000 to improve life in developing countries
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Powered by the Sun
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Electricity is generated by water turning a turbine
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Large international companies


Transnational companies (TNCs)

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Crops sold for export


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Goods that are sold


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Good soil that is rich in nutrients


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