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2. Who studied into neural explanations for AN?

  • Bailer, Kaye, Kaye, Castro-Forneilles
  • Buss, Buss & Shackleford, Takahasi, Felson

3. From PET scans where was there found to be an overactivity of dopamine?

  • Basal Ganglia
  • Ventromedial Hypothalamus
  • Homovanillic Acid
  • Hypothalamus

4. Who found that a team were more likely to win at a home game and there was an increase in testosterone at home games?

  • Moore & Brylinski
  • Neave & Wolfson
  • Lewis

5. Who found strategies to hold a mate included, restricting personal autonomy and violence to prevent from straying?

  • Buss
  • Buss & Shackleford
  • Camileri & Quinsey


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