Unit 3.1 Key words

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1. What is 'Natural evil'?

  • Things which cause suffering, that God's creations has caused
  • Things which cause suffering, but nothing to do with humans
  • Things which cause suffering, and involve humans
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2. What is 'Omniscient'

  • God knows everything which is going to happen and everything that has happened
  • God googles everything about you.
  • God is all-knowing

3. What is 'Agnosticism'?

  • God does not exist
  • The idea that someone is unsure if God exists
  • Being unsure if God exists
  • Not knowing if God exists

4. What is Numinous?

  • A big hug from God
  • The feeling of a presence greater than you
  • The feeling of God, or something more powerful than you

5. Free will is..

  • An idea that humans are free to make their own choices
  • Getting free things
  • The belief that humans are free to make their own choices
  • Proving humans with the choices to do good or evil


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