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2. What is 'Moral evil'

  • Killing somene
  • Hatred towards another human being, and going against God's words of love
  • Actions done by humans which cause suffereing
  • Love thy neighbour

3. What is Numinous?

  • A big hug from God
  • The feeling of a presence greater than you
  • The feeling of God, or something more powerful than you

4. What is the definition of 'Micacle'?

  • When someone is healed
  • When God has the power to change someone or something, which gives a person their life back. An example of this is Lourdes.
  • Something which seems to break a law of science and makes you think, only God could have done this.
  • Something amazing, which seems to break all laws of science.

5. If God is all-powerful he is...

  • Omnipotent
  • Omni-powerful
  • Omni-benevolent
  • Omnipotnt


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