Unit 2: Transport of Water Through Plants

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1. How do water molecules move along the symplastic pathway?

  • Down a water potential gradient
  • Up a water potential gradient
  • Cohesive forces force water along
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2. What is transpiration pull?

  • When water is pulled up the xylem as a result of tranpiration
  • When water is pushed up the xylem as a result of transpiration
  • When water does not move up the xylem

3. What is the name of the barrier that blocks water molecules from the apoplast pathway in the endodermis?

  • Casparian strip
  • Cancerian strip
  • Waxous strip
  • Running strip

4. Why is water able to move through the cell walls?

  • Cell walls have a mesh-like structure
  • Cell walls have proteins that carry water molecules
  • Cell walls are soluble
  • Cell walls have long tubes made for carrying water

5. At which time of day is the diameter of a tree at its smallest?

  • Day
  • Dawn
  • Night
  • Twilight


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