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2. where do most chemical reactions take place in a cell?

  • the cytoplasm
  • the mitocondria
  • the nucleus
  • the permanent vacoule

3. when will diffusion take place in solution

  • no diffusion is needed
  • when there's a cell wall
  • when there's cell membrane
  • when there's nothing to separate the particles

4. what are the three things found in a plant call only?

  • chloroplasts, permanent vacuole, and cell wall
  • chloroplasts, ribosome's, and cell wall
  • nucleus, mitochondria, and permanent vacuole
  • cell well, cell membrane, chloroplasts

5. what's the difference between a plant cell and an yeast cell?

  • leaf cells have chloroplasts and a cellulose cell wall
  • leaf cells have cytoplasm and a permanent vacuole
  • yeast cells have chloroplasts and a cellulose cell wall
  • yeast cells have a nucleus and cytoplasm


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