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2. name three organ in the human digestive system?

  • mouth, lungs and stomach
  • lungs, liver, pancreas
  • stomach, small intestine, and liver
  • salivary glad, large intestine, and mouth

3. what chemical is produced by the liver that aid digestion?

  • oestrogen
  • digestive juices
  • bile
  • hydrochloric acid

4. what tissues produces necessary substances?

  • sensory tissue
  • muscular tissue
  • glandular tissue
  • epithilial tissue

5. what's the difference between a plant cell and an yeast cell?

  • yeast cells have a nucleus and cytoplasm
  • leaf cells have chloroplasts and a cellulose cell wall
  • yeast cells have chloroplasts and a cellulose cell wall
  • leaf cells have cytoplasm and a permanent vacuole


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