Unit 1 Law and Practice

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1. What is obiter dicta

  • When a judge or body departs from established case law and exceeds his/her/its authority.
  • Statements made by a judge which are not binding but may be persuasive.
  • Statements which explain the decision made in a case.
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2. What is the European Parliament?

  • An elected law-making body with a number of legislative functions.
  • A group that decides the political direction of the EU.

3. What is the maximum value of a PI claim in the small claims track?

  • £10,000
  • £1,000
  • £5,000

4. What is stare decisis

  • Exceed the Judge's authority.
  • To stand by decided matters to achieve fairness - later cases with similar facts should be decided in accordance with the earlier cases.
  • The reason for the decision.

5. What is the executive?

  • Judiciary.
  • The Government.
  • Parliament.


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