Unit 1 Law and Practice

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1. What is conciliation?

  • A conciliator will listen to both parties to the dispute and can propose compromises and agreements.
  • A conciliator will negotiate between the parties and impose a binding decision.
  • A conciliator will impose a decision upon the parties to the dispute, being a subject expert.
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2. What is the executive?

  • The Government.
  • Parliament.
  • Judiciary.

3. How many stages does the bill go through in each house?

  • 2
  • First Reading, Second Reading, Committee stage, Third reading.
  • 5
  • 6

4. Which is the most senior UK court?

  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeal
  • Court of Justice of the EU.

5. What is the name of the politically independent organisation established under the Law Commission Act 1965 which reviews and reforms law?

  • The Law Commission
  • The Criminal Reviews Commission
  • The Privy Council


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