Unit 1 Law and Practice

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1. Which courts does the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal hear appeals from?

  • Court of Appeal, Family Court, High Court
  • High Court, County Court, Family Court.
  • County Court, Crown Court, Magistrates' Court
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2. What are the organs of government?

  • Judges, Parliament and Legislative.
  • Legislative, executive and judiciary.
  • Executive, Government and Judges

3. Name the First Tier Tribunals

  • General regulatory; Health, education and social care; Immigration and asylum; Property; Social entitlement; Tax; War Pensions and Armed Forces.
  • Any others.

4. What is a white paper?

  • A document published by Government after consultation with proposals for new law.
  • Proposals for creating a new act.
  • A page of a book with no print on it.

5. What happens at committee stage?

  • The bill is examined in detail by a committee of the whole house or a public bills committee.
  • The bill is debated.
  • The bill is read out.


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