Unit 1 Law and Practice

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1. What is the European Parliament?

  • An elected law-making body with a number of legislative functions.
  • A group that decides the political direction of the EU.
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2. Define ultra vires

  • Beyond its/his/her powers.
  • The reason for a decision.
  • A binding judicial precedent.

3. What value do claims on the fast track have?

  • Claims over £10,000 not exceeding £25,000
  • Claims over £1,000
  • Claims over £25,000 but under £50,000

4. What happens at committee stage?

  • The bill is read out.
  • The bill is examined in detail by a committee of the whole house or a public bills committee.
  • The bill is debated.

5. What is the amendment stage?

  • The title of the bill is read.
  • Amendments from the House of Lords (or House of Commons depending where the bill originated) are discussed and considered.
  • The bill is debated line by line by a committee of MPs


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