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What is an extraneous variable?
this is something in the environment that needs to be controlled otherwise will cause advantages or disadvantages to the experiment
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independant variable?
the thing in an experiment being changed
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depentant variable?
what is beaing measured
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what is a hypothesis?
a precise predictable statement about what a pychologist thinks is going to happen in their research
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if people are being observed in public places their privacy should be respected
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define personality
th thoughts feelings and behaviours that make an individual unique
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what is temperament?
the genetic componmnet of personality
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sociable, livley easy going they seem to need having other people around they have many friends and enjoy partys and practical jokes
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Like to spend time alone. They have a small number of friends. They are usually serious,organised and like routine
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anxious irritable,tense shiy and moody they are lacking in confidence and self esteem
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a condition in which the individual does not use socially desirable behaviour or consider the rights of others ( anti social personatlity disorder)
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Non verbal commuinication
Conveying messages that do not require the use of words or vocal sounds this includes eye contact, facial expressions and body language
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Verbal Communication
conveying messages using words or vocal sounds i.e talking or grunting
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tone of voice
the way words are spoken to convey emotion
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giving prominence to some words more than others
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inflection in the voice when speaking
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Eye contact
when two people in converation are looking at each other's eyes at the same time
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Pupil Dialation
When the pupils in the eyes expand to look large
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Body Language
A general term to describe acts of non verbal communication
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A form of non verbal communication in which information is coonveyed by either deliberate or unconcious movement of part of the body
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a form of non verbal comminication in which information is conveyed by physical contact between people
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the positioning of the body, often regarded as non verbal communivation signal
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postural echo
morroring another persons body position
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Open posture
positiong the arms so they are not folded across the body and not crossing the legs
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Closed posture
Positiong the arms so they are folded across the body and/or crossing the legs
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personal space
the distance we keep between ourselves and other people in eveyday life
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anterograde amnesia
the inability to learn and store new memories afters a brain injury
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retrograde amnesia
refers to the loss of memory for events before the injury
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An oversimplified set of ideas we have about others because they belong to a specific group
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a rigid set of attitues or beliefs towards a particular group of people.These attitues are usually negative but not alwayss
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they way an individual behaves towards another person or group as a results of their prejudice veiws
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independant variable?


the thing in an experiment being changed

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