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2. what is consequential / teleological

  • maximum level of goodness
  • calculate the amount of pleasure
  • considers consequences of an action assessed if the action is good
  • action dictates whether good alone

3. what does the term mean act utilitarianism

  • considers the amount of consequences
  • considers the consequence of each individual action
  • considers the rightness and wrongness of an action
  • considers the consequences of past actions

4. what is preference utilitarianism

  • best consequences for those involved rather than the individual
  • the least pain for an individual
  • consider your own happiness to decide the best action
  • considers the consequence of the amount of pleasure for an individual

5. what is deontological thinking

  • action is intrinsically right or wrong, irrespective of consequences
  • action and consequences are both equal
  • end determines the action
  • if the action is good so will the consequences


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