Unit 6- DNA key points

Really long molecules of DNA
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DNA stands for...
deoxyribonucleic acid
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DNA contains...
Coded information that controls how the organism is put together
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DNA determines...
the characteristics we have
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DNA is found in the...
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Chromosomes come in...
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DNA is a...
polymer- two strands coiled together in the shape of a double helix
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A gene codes for a...
specific protein
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A gene is...
a small section of DNA found on a chromosome.
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Each gene codes for a...
particular sequence of amino acids that are put together to make a specific protein
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How many amino acids are used?
20 but they make up thousands of different proteins.
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Genes tell cells...
what order to put the amino acids together.
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DNA determines...
what proteins are made and therefore what type of cell it is
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Every organism has a...
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Genome is...
the entire set of genetic material in an organism
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Scientists have worked out...
the complete human genome (which is important for science and medicine)
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DNA is made up of...
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Nucleotides are..
lots of repeating units inside a polymer
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Each nucleotide consists of...
one sugar molecule, one phosphate molecule and one 'base'
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Sugar and phosphate molecules form a...
'backbone' to the DNA strands and alternate
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The four bases are...
A,T,C or G
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One of these joins to each...
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A always pairs up with...
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C always pairs up with...
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Order of bases decides...
the order of amino acids in a protein
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Each amino acid is coded for by...
a sequence of 3 bases in a gene
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Non-coding parts...
switch the genes on and off and control whether or not a gene is used to make a protein
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carries the code to the ribosomes
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Proteins are made in...
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mRNA is made by...
copying the code from the DNA
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The correct amino acids are brought to the ribosomes...
in the correct order by carrier molecules (mRNA)
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deoxyribonucleic acid


DNA stands for...

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Coded information that controls how the organism is put together


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the characteristics we have


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