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2. What is the role of ATP in the sliding-filament model?

  • Detaches the Myosin Head
  • Attaches the Myosin Head
  • Causes conformational change to move the tropomyosin
  • Allows a cross-bridge to be formed

3. What ion binds to troponin, causing it to move tropomyosin to expose binding sites?

  • e-
  • Na+
  • Ca2+
  • K+

4. An example of negative feedback in the Oestrous Cycle is..

  • Progesterone harshly criticising Oestrogen's hard work on building the uterine lining
  • FSH stimulating LH to surge.
  • Low levels of Oestrogen inhibiting the production of FSH and LH
  • High levels of Oestrogen stimulating further FSH production.

5. The thermoregulatory centre is also known as...

  • The Hypothalamus
  • The Pituitary Gland
  • The Medulla Oblongata
  • The Pancreas


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