Unit 3.4 and 8.4 Keywords Quiz

UNIT 3 Keywords will be first tested then Unit 8.You can still do this quiz if you have only done Unit 3 or Just Unit 8. The quiz will have questions asking the definition and matching the definition to the keyword

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1. What is Racial Harmony

  • Different colours/races livijg together happily
  • Many different races living together happily in one society
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2. What does Prejudice mean?

  • Believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them
  • treating people less favourably because of their charcteristics
  • Judging people based on their physical appearance
  • discriminating against people because of their colour or gender

3. What is religious freedom?

  • The right to practice and change your religion
  • Accepting all religions as having an equal right to coexist
  • The freedom to chose your religion

4. The belief that some races are superior to others

  • Racism
  • Raceism
  • Racist
  • Rasisem

5. What is discrimination?

  • Discriminating against someone because of their race
  • Believing some people are inferior or superior to others
  • Treating people less favourably because of their ethnicity/gender/colour/sexuality/age/class
  • Treating people unfairly because of their gender, sex or race


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