unit 3 Topic 2: Religious attitudes towards elderly and death

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Define the word death
Is the end of life, end of all physical and mental life.
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How to dertermain a person is dead
Death is determined when a person brains is not longer functioning
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Define passive euthanasia
letting a person die. (turn a life support off or stopping treatment)
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Define active euthanasia
assisting towards a persons death (giving them a drug to die)
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define non-volunteering
A person who is unable to speak, but consider death is their best option
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define voluntering
A person who is able to speak and what to die
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Christian view for euthanasis
1'love your neighbour' seen as something loving to do as it is ending their suffering. 2)show compassion as in the bible god is known for healing people, maybe euthanasia is seen as healing people because its ending their suffering. 3) Shows kindess
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Christians views against euthanasia
1)''thou shall not kill' 2)God decides when life should be taken 3)humans are created the 'image of god' and you should not ruin it
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Buddhist for euthanaisa
1) show metta (kindess) as your ending their suffering 3)Right intention - doing it for a good motive will lead to good karma
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Buddhist for euthanasia
1) Goes against first percept of not harming living things 3)Bad karma
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Non religious view for euthanaisa
1) End their suffering 2)Saves money - stopping using an equipment on a patient, since there going to die anyway it could be more beneficial to another patient
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Non religious view against euthanasia
1) Not right motive - getting money because of death 2) Can't be to sure if a person wants t live or die, if there unable to speak
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Ways you can care for an elderly
1)Hospices 2)warden 3) care home
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Define the term 'hospice'
A place where terminally ill people can stay in comfortable surrounds, being looked after until they die. This helps them friends and family member cope with their death
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Christian view on caring against care home
1)'honour your father and mother' 2) Jesus golden rule - treat others the way you want to be treated
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Buddhist for care home
1) Right intention - doing it with good motive. 3) Metta - showing kindness if it a best option
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Christian view for care home
1)Love your neighbour' - considering the best option for them 2) showing kindness like Jesus did in the bible
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Buddhist again care home
1)Bad Karma 2)Respect parnets
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Muslims views on elderly
'Rub the nose of those who don't respect your parent on dirt'
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How to dertermain a person is dead


Death is determined when a person brains is not longer functioning

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Define passive euthanasia


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Define active euthanasia


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