Unit 3 - human resource glossary

Human resource management
Making the best use of all employees to achieve corporate goals
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HR objectives
Targets the HR management hopes to achieve by implementing HR strategies, so that the business can achieve its corporate objectives
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Soft HR management
Concerned with communication and motivation. People are led rather than managed. Thy are involved in determining and realising strategic objectives
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Hard HR management
Emphasises costs and places control firmly in the hands of management. Their role is to manage numbers effectively, keeping the workforce closely matched with requirements in terms of both bodies and behaviour
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Workforce planning
Details of how the business will implement its HR management policies
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Where the decision making authority is concentrated amongst a small number of senior managers at the top/centre of the organisational structure
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Where the authority for decision making is delegated to subordinates in the organisational structure
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Removing levels in the organisational structure
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Peripheral workers
Part time, temporary and self-employed workers brought into the businesses as and when needed
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Flexible workforce
Where a significant percentage of employees are on part time and temporary contracts rather than the vast majority being on permanent, full time contracts, and/or where employees are multi skilled and work whenever needed in the organisation
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Core workers
Full time, permanent employees, with business-specific skills and knowledge, performing tasks key to the success of the business, often rewarded with high salaries and excellent working conditions
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Where business functions are provided by external specialist organisations rather than provided in house
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Where employees can perform their job from home, increasingly linked to their employer via the Internet
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Employee groups
Forums made up of employee representatives from selected areas of the business and representatives of the employers
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Trade union
An organisation of employees, which acts collectively in dealings with management for mutual protection and assistance and is often concerned with wages and conditions of employment
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Works council
A committee representing the employer and elected employee representatives of a plant or business meeting to discuss working conditions, grievances and pay
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Industrial dispute
A disagreement between employers and employees/employee representatives over an employee-related issue
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An independent and impartial organisation established to avoid and resolve industrial disputes and build harmonious relationships at work
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Industrial action
Sanctions imposed by workers to put pressure on a business during an industrial dispute, including overtime ban, work to rule, go slow and ultimately strike action
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An independent third party encourages continued discussion between those in disagreement to reach a compromise and resolve their dispute
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Where no agreement can be found between parties in dispute, they agree to accept the judgement of an independent third party
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HR objectives


Targets the HR management hopes to achieve by implementing HR strategies, so that the business can achieve its corporate objectives

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Soft HR management


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Hard HR management


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Workforce planning


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