Unit 2: Rebranding

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1. What is Castlefields?

  • A rural region that has rebranded with a food fesitival
  • An area in Manchester that was rebranded into luxury accomodation
  • A borough of London affected by the Olympics Games
  • A player in the redevelopment of Birmingham's Bullring Centre
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2. Which of these is not a transport link Stratford received as part of its rebranding

  • CTRL
  • DLR
  • Circle line
  • Jubilee line extension

3. Which of these is not a common diversification for farms?

  • Gokarting/paintballing
  • Farm shops
  • Film sets
  • B&Bs

4. Which football club will take over the Olympic Stadium (an example of legacy)?

  • Aston Villa
  • Stratford United
  • West Ham
  • Chelsea

5. Which of these is not a benefit of Equatorial College School?

  • Provides equal opportunities for girls and boys; keeping girls from young marriages
  • It is free to attend
  • Has science labs and ICT suites provided by the UK
  • Students have some of the best exam results in the region


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