Unit 2: Rebranding

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1. Which of these is not a benefit of Equatorial College School?

  • Provides equal opportunities for girls and boys; keeping girls from young marriages
  • It is free to attend
  • Has science labs and ICT suites provided by the UK
  • Students have some of the best exam results in the region
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2. Which of these is a primary fieldwork technique?

  • Researching forums
  • Using local newspapers to find evidence of rebranding
  • Creating a Drosscape survey
  • Statistic collection from www.ons.gov.uk

3. "Money returning to TNC headquarters instead of reinvestment in local areas" defines...

  • Economic leakage
  • Negative multiplier
  • Destination tourism
  • Remittance Payments

4. Which of these locations has used the Star Wars franchise to rebrand with a film trail?

  • Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean
  • Peak District
  • Lake District
  • St Ives ,Cornwall

5. "Broadening an enterprise beyond its core function to supplement income" could describe....

  • Top-down rebranding projects
  • Market-lead investment
  • Farm diversification
  • Cultural rebranding


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