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2. Which of these is not a failed rebranding project?

  • Sheffield Student Games
  • Bradford's Saltaire village
  • Doncaster Earth Centre
  • South West Film Studios

3. Why is farming in decline?

  • More coastal erosion is threatening coastal farms
  • Supermarkets drive down prices
  • UK climate is becoming less suitable with climate change
  • The pound is decreasing in value against the Euro, making imports cheaper

4. Which of these is a primary fieldwork technique?

  • Creating a Drosscape survey
  • Statistic collection from www.ons.gov.uk
  • Researching forums
  • Using local newspapers to find evidence of rebranding

5. "Money returning to TNC headquarters instead of reinvestment in local areas" defines...

  • Economic leakage
  • Negative multiplier
  • Destination tourism
  • Remittance Payments


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