Unit 2: Going Global

This quiz contains 32 questions in total, however when taking the quiz the limit is for 20 questions to be answered. So in order to get the full benefit of this quiz take it a few times so that the questions alternate.

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1. What is Counter-urbanisation?

  • The movement of people out of the city into villages
  • People refusing to move to redeveloped areas
  • Failed renovation of areas that slip back to how they previously were
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2. Some TNCs produce more money than the GDP of some nations?

  • True
  • False

3. Which of these is not an example of "interconnection"

  • Families moving to countries with other relations
  • Low cost air travel
  • Copper telegraph cables

4. Migration into Europe causes source countries to have a reduced proportion of people working and reproductive age

  • True
  • False

5. What can internal migration affect?

  • The number of young adults in villages
  • The number of people living collectively in one area
  • There becomes more men than women in villages and towns


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