Unit 2: Going Global

This quiz contains 32 questions in total, however when taking the quiz the limit is for 20 questions to be answered. So in order to get the full benefit of this quiz take it a few times so that the questions alternate.

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1. What is Suburbanisation?

  • People moving away from the city centre
  • City areas chosing to build houses instead of apartment complexes
  • People moving into the city from surrounding suburban areas
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2. Which of these ISN'T an individual solution to Globalisation?

  • Walk/bike instead of drive to the supermarket
  • Invest in more Fairtrade products
  • Buy locally
  • Recycle and re-use

3. What is the Demographic Transition Model?

  • Diagram showing how the population of a country changes over time
  • Diagram showing the change in the development of a country over time

4. What are the Social consequences of migration?

  • Migrants carry out dangerous work for litte pay
  • All listed
  • Risk of deportation if found to be illegal
  • illegal immigratns have no access to legal employment, healthcare or benifits

5. What is an example of urbanising in megacities?

  • Less room to expand outside the suburbs
  • Megacities offer larger funds to expand
  • Poor migrants setting up shanty towns
  • All listed


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