Unit 2: Going Global

This quiz contains 32 questions in total, however when taking the quiz the limit is for 20 questions to be answered. So in order to get the full benefit of this quiz take it a few times so that the questions alternate.

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1. What is OECD?

  • Small group of the most powerful countries such as UK called G8
  • Group of 30 countries called the G8
  • Charitable fund for LEDCs
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2. Stating the distance products are transported & using recycled materials ISN'T a business solution to Globalisation

  • False
  • True

3. What is Counter-urbanisation?

  • The movement of people out of the city into villages
  • People refusing to move to redeveloped areas
  • Failed renovation of areas that slip back to how they previously were

4. What does Immigration do to a country?

  • Increases the working and reproductive age population
  • Increases the aging population
  • Decreases birth rate

5. What are the Social consequences of migration?

  • Migrants carry out dangerous work for litte pay
  • All listed
  • Risk of deportation if found to be illegal
  • illegal immigratns have no access to legal employment, healthcare or benifits


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