Unit 2: Going Global

This quiz contains 32 questions in total, however when taking the quiz the limit is for 20 questions to be answered. So in order to get the full benefit of this quiz take it a few times so that the questions alternate.

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1. Migration into Europe causes source countries to have a reduced proportion of people working and reproductive age

  • True
  • False
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2. Stating the distance products are transported & using recycled materials ISN'T a business solution to Globalisation

  • False
  • True

3. China is a Human "Global Winner", but which of these is NOT a resource they offer?

  • Large manufacturing industry
  • Rich in oil reserves
  • Cheap but skilled labour

4. What does OPEC stand for?

  • Organisation of Producers Expanding Connectivity
  • Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • Organisation for People's Exporting Credits

5. Which of these IS a governmental solution to Globalisation?

  • Hug a tree
  • Carbon emission limits
  • Eat more organic products


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