Unit 2: Crowded Coasts

40 questions, mainly on case studies for Unit 2: Coasts. Hope it's useful :)

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1. How much would the development of Dibden Bay cost?

  • £700M
  • £50M
  • £125M
  • £100,500
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2. A storm in Barmston in 1967 caused the coastline to retreat by...

  • 6.5 metres
  • 5 metres
  • 10 metres
  • 2 metres

3. Which of these is not a conflict caused by tourists visiting Studland Bay?

  • Motors threatening dolphins
  • Noise and habitat destruction from oil drilling
  • Congestion on roads
  • Trampling of rare sand dunes

4. What is an HVCI?

  • A strategy for managed retreat
  • A town at risk from erosion
  • A coastal structure that is economically worth protecting
  • A Shoreline Management Plan

5. What is a ria?

  • A type of hard engineering
  • A type of bird that lives in Southhampton
  • A flooded valley
  • A depositional landform found in Dorset


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