Unit 2: Crowded Coasts

40 questions, mainly on case studies for Unit 2: Coasts. Hope it's useful :)

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1. Where is sinking due to isostatic rebound?

  • NW England
  • SE England
  • The Midlands
  • NE Scotland
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2. What hard engineering strategy did Holderness build at a cost of £2m?

  • Beach replenishment
  • Rock groynes
  • Gabions
  • Revetments

3. Which of these was not an opposition to the development of Dibden?

  • Local homes would loose a sea view
  • 3000 jobs would be lost
  • There could be more oil spills and pollution from anti-fouling paints
  • Traffic and congestion would increase
  • It is an SSSI, home to 50,000 birds

4. What has Abbot's Hall Farm done in response to rising sea levels?

  • Held the Line and built farm buildings on stilts to compensate for flooding
  • Planted mangroves to reduce flooding
  • Retreated the Line to allow wetland to develop
  • Advanced the Line to increase the farm's capacity

5. How much can sea walls cost per metre?

  • Up to £10,000
  • Over £200,000
  • Under £5,000
  • Around £1,500


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