Unit 1:Who was Jesus


1. What are the 3 types of miracles

  • Power of trees, Power of bad, power of sickness
  • None of these
  • Power of nature, Power of evil, Power over illness
  • Power of trees, Power of evil, Power over illness
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2. What is a parable

  • Something said by jesus
  • None of the other answers
  • A short and simple story that teaches a religious or moral lesson
  • A story that has a bad meaning

3. What is a miracle

  • An imaginary event
  • A supernatural event that defies the laws of nature
  • An event that helps overs
  • A witch spell

4. What happened on Good Friday

  • Jesus left the city
  • Jesus was crucified
  • Jesus created Christianity
  • Jesus came back from the dead

5. What are the 4 gospels

  • Mark,Luke,Josh,Matthew
  • Mark,Luke,John,Matteus
  • Mark,Luke,John,Mathew
  • Mark,Mat,Luke,John


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