A big quiz on everything in the biological approach of edexcel A level psychology

1. what does it mean if the concordance rate for MZ twins is different to DZ twins?

  • nature not nurture causes the characteristic
  • we do not know what causes the characteristic
  • nurture not nature causes the characteristic
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2. evaluate applications of twin studies?

  • tell if behaviour is due to nature or nurture which can prevent bad things
  • tells people what behaviour to look out for in twins
  • all of the above
  • can help parents with twins know how to treat them

3. what happens in a CAT scan?

  • x rays taken of brain from different angles creating slices of the brain to show structure, is imprecisise
  • aka magnetic resonance imaging, injects a dye into body to show organs, magnetic field is passed over picking up radio waves, hydrogen atoms give off energy to show brain structure, precise
  • injected with radioactive tracer, emits positrons that go to brain where blood and oxygen is needed, shows function of brain
  • uses magnets, energy goes to where oxygenated blood is needed, shows function and structure of brain

4. what is dopamine

  • neurotransmitter linked to pleasure and addiction, drugs that block dopamine receptors seem to reduce symptoms of schizophrenia
  • neurotransmitter that produces attention and triggers flight/fight response, people w/adhd benefit from being prescribed it
  • neurotransmitter linked with happiness, drugs which boost serotonin (by stopping reuptake) reduce depression

5. in what year did Gottesman and Shields do their study?

  • 1966
  • 1999
  • 2005
  • 1969


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