Unit 1 Physics

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What is refraction?
When a wave moves from one medium to another and the speed changes, causing a bend in the line
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What do step up transformers do?
Increase voltage, lower current
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What do step down transformers do?
Decrease voltage to go to houses
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What does 'renewable' mean?
'will never run out'
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How is geothermal energy produced?
Water pumped below ground, uses heat to turn water to steam, can be used to heat buildings
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What is the main evidence for the Big bang?
Red shift: light from galaxies moving away from us is shifted to the red end of the spectrum as wavelength is decreasing. Proves the universe started from one small point.
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What is the wavespeed/wavelength/frequency equation?
wavespeed = frequency x wavelength
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What is diffraction?
The spreading of waves as they pass through a gap
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How do optical fibres work?
Light travels from one end of the cable to another by reflection
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What are the forms of energy?
Nuclear, Sound, Electrical, Chemical, Kinetic, Heat, Light, Gravitational Potential, Elastic Potential
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Name the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum in order.
Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultra-violet, X-Ray, Gamma Rays
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How can condensation be increased?
Increase Surface area, reduce the temp of the surface
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What is a U-Value?
How much energy per second passes through materials
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How can energy transfer be reduced?
Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, double glazing
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What is convection?
Circulation of fluids caused by heating. Particles gain energy = less dense = rise. Particles cool = more dense = sink.
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What states of matter does convection occur in?
Liquids and gases
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What is ROYGBIV?
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
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What are microwaves used for?
Communication: satellite TVs, mobile phones
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How can evaporation be increased?
Increase surface area, increase temp of surface area, create a draught
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What is frequency?
Number of waves per second
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What is the doppler effect?
The change observed in wavelength as an object moves
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What is infrared radiation used for?
Used in optical fibres, remote controls
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What do step up transformers do?


Increase voltage, lower current

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What do step down transformers do?


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What does 'renewable' mean?


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How is geothermal energy produced?


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