Unit 1 Law

1. How can the Supreme Court avoid precedent?

  • use the practice statement
  • distinguish, reversing, overruling
  • Young v Bristol Aeroplane 1944- three conditions
  • cant avoid precedent
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2. What is a Bill

  • A proposal presented to the House of Commons
  • A person
  • A pass through
  • A famous judge

3. What can the Court of Appeal use to avoid precedent?

  • Can't avoid precedent
  • The practice statement
  • Young v Bristol Aeroplane 1944
  • Distinguishing, Overruling

4. What is the fourth stage of reading a bill?

  • Commitee stage
  • First reading
  • Second reading
  • Report stage

5. What are the 4 disadvantages of judicial precedent?

  • 1.Rigidity,2.Complexity,3.Illogical distinctions, 4.Slowness of growth
  • 1.Rigidity,2.Illogical distinctions,3.Complexity, 4.Precision


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