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2. Mary is 80bpm. What is her maximum heart rate?

  • 180bpm
  • 120bpm
  • 140bpm
  • 160bpm

3. Which is the first stage of PNF stretching?

  • The performer stretches the muscle as far as it can go
  • The partner holds the muscle in an isometric contraction for 6-10seconds
  • The performer relaxes the muscle
  • The partner helps to stretch the muscle a little bit more

4. Serena is doing interval training. At what intensity should she be running at to develop aerobic endurance?

  • 75% VO2 Max.
  • 45% VO2 Max.
  • 60% VO2 Max.
  • 20% VO2 Max.

5. Rob's heart rate targte zone is 108-153bpm. What is Rob's lower training threshold?

  • 45bpm
  • 108bpm
  • 153bpm
  • 143bpm


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