Unification of Italy: the beginning

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Who initially created the Vienna Settlement?
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When did he do this?
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Which country had a lot of dominance in Italy?
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The Settlement mainly involved restoring what?
Reactionary rules and leaders
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Who ruled Lombardy and Venetia?
The Austrian Emperor himself
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Who ruled Piedmont? What did he abolish?
Ruled by Victor Emmanuel I and removed Code Napoleon
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What else did Victor Emmanuel do?
Increased Church power
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What about the Papal States?
Ruled once again by the Pope
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Who else accompanied the Pope?
Austrian soldiers
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In Tuscany?
Grand Duke Ferdinand III - Austrian Emperor's brother
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Who ruled in Parma?
Duchess Marie-Louise - Austrian Emperor's daughter, former wife of Napoleon I
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Very reactionary Duke Francis IV
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Naples and Sicily?
King Ferdinand I of Naples under both states now
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Who had orginally ruled over Sicily?
The British - quite liberally as well
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A revolution broke out in 1820 in Naples, who led it?
The Carbonari
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What did this revolt lead Metternich to do?
Call a congress meeting of all great powers at Troppau
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What did the powers sign?
Troppau Protocol
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If a state ever needs assistance in regards to a revolution, they should give it
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This resulted in?
Austrian troops defeating most of the revolts
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Which revolutions did they crush?
Naples (1820-1); Sicily (1821); Piedmont (1821); then Modena and Papal States 1831
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Why was there a North/South divide?
The south were extremely rural, whereas the north were more industrialised
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While Napoleon was in power, he created what?
Code Napoleon
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Code Napoleon meant?
Meritocracy; equality; reduction in church power
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This encouraged the growth of ___?
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Why did liberalism grow?
Because the middle classes had a desire to regain their improved lives they had enjoed so much under Napoleon's reign
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Nationalism spread, what was the aim of most Nationalists?
To remove Austrian dominance
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Name the two major secret societies:
The Carbonari and Adelfi
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The Carbonari led the revoltuion in Naples, forcing King Ferdinand to do what?
Grant a constitution like the 1812 Spanish one
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Giuseppe Mazzini left the Carbonari, why?
Because of their failures in revolutions (1820/1-31) plus he was betrayed and imprisoned in 1830
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What organisation did Mazzini create? When?
Young Italy in 1831
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Which famous individual did Mazzini influence?
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What method of government did he think should be in charge?
A republic
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A lot of people considered themselves Mazzinians, (like the Red Shirts) what other renowned group said this as well?
The National Society
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When were they created? Who made up most of the National Society?
In 1857 and mostly political exiles
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In what ways did Mazzini fail?
At persuading Charles Albert to lead unification; his attempt to overthrow Albert - stopped before it even began; also revolts he created were destroyed before they began
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Causing Young Italy to seem like a?
Laughing stock
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After living in exile, Mazzini did return in 1849, to do what?
Create the Roman Republic
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When did he do this?



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Which country had a lot of dominance in Italy?


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The Settlement mainly involved restoring what?


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Who ruled Lombardy and Venetia?


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