Understanding Race

Garner. S. (2010)
Day. G. And Thomason. A (2004)
Ashcroft, B, Griffiths, G and Tiffin, H (2008)

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1. If racial terms don't have a biological meaning, what meaning do they have?

  • Scientific
  • Social
  • Religious
  • Physical
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2. Interpretations of physical race are determined by...

  • Social imperatives
  • Social Darwinism
  • Physical differences
  • Scientific facts

3. Silverstein defines race as a cultural category of difference that is...

  • Set out in law
  • Biologically determined
  • Socially constructed
  • Influenced by religion

4. When describing race and racism, what term do we use.

  • Anti-essentialist
  • Essentialist

5. Americans use, british use white, African American was not used 90s, what does this show about the definition of race?

  • It changes over time, but not through society
  • It changes through society, but not time
  • It is not universal
  • It's universal


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