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2. Ultrasound is sound with frequencies higher than...

  • 30 000 Hz
  • 40 000 Hz
  • 20 000 Hz
  • 10 000 Hz

3. Speed (m/s) = Distance (m) ÷ _____ (s)

  • Duration (s)
  • Time (s)
  • Period (s)

4. Ultrasound is useful in lots of different ways such as...

  • To monitor earthquakes, storms and man made explosions and pre-natal scanning of a foetus.
  • Pre-natal scanning of a foetus and sonar (detecting stuff in the water).
  • Sonar (detecting stuff in the water) and to monitor earthquakes, storms and man made explosions.

5. Sound that has a frequency below the range of human hearing (i.e. below 20 Hz) is called...

  • Infrasound
  • Ultrasound


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