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2. Why should Donald Trump NOT be President?

  • He got an endorsement from the KKK
  • He is just a figment of your imagination
  • He ran out of his small loan of a million dollars
  • His real name is Donald J Drumpf

3. Which of these famous people is best at Football?

  • Ed Balls MP
  • Matt Le Tissier
  • Matt fam
  • Giz bert

4. Which of these wild animals is the most dangerous?

  • Neill's tank
  • Bradely Ladely
  • The Bakersaurosrex
  • Jizzlebertus

5. Which of these is a pro EU statement?

  • Russia annexes Syria
  • John Snow blazes Skunk
  • The BBC is unbiased
  • Flooded with migrants from Bongo Bongo land


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