U2) Active Transport

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What is active tranpsort?
Movement of molecules and ions against a concentration gradient.
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What is the gradient?
From low to high
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Does it require energy?
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Where does this energy come from?
ATP hydrolysis
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What must it use?
Carrier protein
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What can actively transport 2 molecules in opposite directions at the same time?
Na+/K+ pump
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What are the 5 factors that affect AT?
Concentration gradient / Surface area / pathway length / Rate of respiration ( ATP production) / Speed of carrier protein
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Describe the 4 part process? - 1
1-molecule/ion binds to carrier protein receptor site
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ATP binds to carrier protein and is hydrolysed to ADP and Pi
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Phosphate group phosphorolates Carrier protein + changes its shape so molecule/ion is released.
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Phosphate group reforms ATP with ADP as Pi is released + carrier protein returns to original shape.
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What is the gradient?


From low to high

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Does it require energy?


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Where does this energy come from?


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What must it use?


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