Types of Religious Organisations

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1. What is a feature of world affiriming NRMs?

  • Claims to unlock peoples hidden potential both spiritual and mental
  • Only look to restore purity in religion
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2. Why have churches according to Bruce been reduced to denominations?

  • They have lost their monopoly of truth
  • They are not in touch with the rest of society

3. Which are seen as deviant?

  • Cult and Denomination
  • Sect and Cults
  • Sect and Denomination

4. Which are?

  • How they see themselves and how society sees them?
  • How the media see them and how education sees them?

5. What is a feature of world accommodating NRMs?

  • Have conservative moral codes
  • Clear distinction between the spiritual and worldly spheres
  • Seek radical change of the world


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