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2. What was wrong with Hollander et al's (2000) study

  • The study did not measure what it intended to measure
  • The sample size was too small and the duration could be seen as too short
  • The study was an observation so there was little control over the extraneous variables
  • The experiment was conducted in a lab setting thus lacked ecological validty

3. What drug is similair to heroin but less addictive?

  • Seretonin
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamine

4. Who's study seemed to be more credibile than Hollander et al's?

  • Messerlian et al (2005)
  • Nida
  • Blanco et al (2002)
  • Black et al

5. What is the issue with methadone treatment

  • Some people can get addicted to methadone just as they where on heroin
  • It can damage internal organs
  • It is illegal within the uk
  • It does not work


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