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2. How is a wave-cut notch formed?

  • Weathering of the top of the cliff causes it to collapse
  • Weathering weakens the top of the cliff, while the sea widens a fracture in the base of the notch
  • The sloped beach is formed by deposition
  • The sea attacks the cliff at low tide, forming a cave

3. What are the physical types of weathering?

  • Onion skin and freeze-thaw
  • Vegetation and animals
  • Slumping and soil creep
  • Freeze-thaw and chemical weathering

4. What is solution/corrosion?

  • Acids contained within seawater react and dissolve the cliff face
  • Sand picked up by the wind brushes against the cliffs eroding it
  • Wearing away of the cliff as rocks are thrown at it
  • A chemical reaction between the rocks and the cliff

5. What is abrasion?

  • When waves bring dirt or sand with them, which rubs away the cliff like sandpaper
  • When rocks break into each other on the sea floor and produce smaller bits
  • A chemical reaction between the rocks and the seawater
  • When softer rock gets worn away quicker than harder rock


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