Types of Owneship

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1. What is a Public Sector Organisation?

  • A business the government used to own.
  • A firm owned and run by the government
  • A firm in which shares are privately sold
  • A company in which shares are sold on the stock market
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2. What is a Cooperative?

  • A type of firm founded in the 1850's
  • A business owned and run by people with shared interests.
  • A fair trade business
  • A firm owned by 2 or more people

3. what is a business owned by 2 or more people called?

  • Partnership
  • Co-operative
  • LTD
  • PLC

4. What is a Sole Trader?

  • A person who owns a firm
  • A business owned by 2 or more people
  • A business owned by one person
  • A limited liability firm

5. What is a franchise?

  • A type of company with unlimited liability
  • Any individual can buy a branch of a ready made firm.
  • A ready made firm gives a small firm money to sell their goods.
  • A Multi national company




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