Types of microscopes

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1. Why aren't TEM's good at viewing living organisms?

  • Because the living organism wont fit under a microscope slide.
  • Because you have to view the specimen in a vacuum.
  • Because the living organism wont stay still.
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2. Do SEM's give a lower or higher resolution than TEM's?

  • SEM's have the same resolution as TEM's.
  • SEM's give a lower resolution than TEM's.
  • SEM's give a higher resolution than TEM's.

3. What is good about SEM's?

  • SEM's can be used on thick specimens.
  • SEM's are quicker and easier to use.

4. When using a TEM, some parts of the image appear darker. Why?

  • The darker parts appear darker because they're denser, so they absorb more electrons.
  • The darker parts appear darker because they cant be made out quite as well.

5. Do electron microscopes produce a black/white image or a coloured image?

  • They produce a black/white image, however they can be coloured by a computer.
  • They produce a coloured image.


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