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2. what is a sole trader?

  • owned by two or more people
  • An individual that runs a business
  • a company who is looking to run a business
  • a group who runs a business

3. advantage of co-operative?

  • combines products to get more money
  • gets all the profit
  • long holidays
  • you can sell shares to get more money

4. what is a partnership?

  • Two or more people go into business together.
  • 1 person who runs a business
  • individual who buys a ready made business
  • someone who has an interest in a business

5. what is co-operative?

  • someone with unlimited liabilities
  • Owned and run by a group of people who have shared interest in the business.
  • someone who shares profits
  • a person who have shared interest in a business


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