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1. What is the difference between an A la carte menu and a Table D'hote menu?

  • Menu is themed and is a set price for everyone.
  • Wider choice of dishes and quick to prepare.
  • Dishes are priced seperately and there is a wider choice of dishes.
  • Dishes are priced seperately and the menu is themed.
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2. Which type of menu is colourful and maybe themed?

  • Set Menu
  • Table D'hote
  • Childrens Menu
  • A la carte

3. What is special about a set menu for a function?

  • The dishes are quick to prepare
  • Set price for everyone
  • The food is delivered to homes
  • A wide range of dishes avaliable

4. Which menu has a set menu at a set price?

  • A la carte
  • Table D'hote
  • Take-aways
  • Set menu for a function

5. Which type of menu has food that is suitable at all times of the day?

  • Table D'hote
  • Set menu for a function
  • Fast Food / Cafe
  • Children's Menu


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