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2. 1553?

  • The country is now Catolic
  • Edward dies aged 15, Mary is now queen
  • Mary dies
  • Edward dies aged 15, Elizabeth is now queen

3. 1558?

  • Mary faces rebellions from Protestants
  • Mary gives birth to Elizabeth
  • Mary dies (cancer of the womb) Elizabeth is now queen
  • Mary dies (in battle)

4. 1649?

  • The roundheads and cavaliers are still fighting
  • Charles looses and is executed, Oliver Cromwell rules England as law protector
  • Charles wins and the system of Parliament is completely abolished
  • Charles thinks he might wear some pink socks

5. 1549?

  • The English Protestant Prayer book is published
  • The English Protestant Prayer book is abolished
  • Edward dies, Mary is now queen
  • Edward turns the country Catholic again


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