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2. 1588?

  • Elizabeth marries Robert Devereux
  • Elizabeth beats the Catholics
  • Elizabeth beats the Spanish Armada
  • Elizabeth gives birth to James I

3. 1536?

  • Anne Boleyn is executed and Henry marries Anne of Cleves
  • Dissolution of monastries, Anne Boleyn is beheaded and Henry marries Jane Seymour
  • Jane Seymour marries Henry and they have a baby
  • Dissolution of monastries Anne Boleyn is divorced and Henry re-marries to Jane Seymour

4. 1547?

  • Edward becomes king aged 15
  • King Henry dies, prince Edward is now king aged 9
  • Prince Edward dies
  • Jane Seymour dies

5. 1524?

  • Jane gives birth to Edward
  • Henry became Supreme Head of the church
  • Henry met Anne Boleyn
  • Henry VIII became king


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