Tropical rainforest biome

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1. ITCZ stands for what

  • Inter tropical convergence zone
  • Individual tropical combining zoos
  • International temperature control zone
  • International tropical convergence zone
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2. Annual precipitation often exceeds what?

  • 3,500mm
  • 2,000mm
  • 1,000mm
  • 5,000mm

3. What is the climate like in the ropical rainforest?

  • Wet and humid
  • Hot and dry
  • Cold and icy
  • Cool and dry

4. What are most of the roots called?

  • Buttress roots
  • Wide roots
  • Deep roots
  • Shallow roots

5. What are mean temperatures between?

  • 32c and 35c
  • 22c and 25c
  • 25c and 28c
  • 20c and 30c


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