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2. Define Specific heat capacity?

  • The heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of a given substance by a given ammount.
  • The heat required to raise the temperature of the given object by a not given amount.

3. Density equation?

  • Volume * Energy
  • Mass / Volume
  • Mass * Volume
  • Mass / Energy

4. What are the limitations of the Particle Model?

  • 1) Impossible to draw as the gaps are actually shapes 2) The particles aren't always Triangles, They are squares 3) The particles are the wrong shape
  • 1) It is impossible to draw it to scale as the actual gaps between the atoms can get huge 2) Particles aren't always Spheres, they may have complex structures so that is not accurate. 3) The sizes of the particles are not taken into account.
  • 1) Particles always move 2) It can't show how big they are 3) You can't hear them
  • 1) They particles are actually triangles 2) The particles are too close together 3) Particles look different

5. Define Density?

  • Volume per Mass Unit
  • Mass Per Unit Volume
  • Unit Per Mass Volume
  • Mass per Metres Kilograms


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