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2. Battery Self defence (reasonable/proportionate force)

  • Simms v Leigh
  • Scott v Shepherd
  • Lane v Holloway
  • Letang v Cooper

3. Assault words negating an assault - if it were not assize time

  • Read v Coker
  • Tuberville v Savage
  • Sayers v Harlow
  • Wilson v Pringle

4. Assault Active threatening behaviour (policeman blocking a doorway isn't an assault)

  • Thomas v NUM
  • Read v Coker
  • Inns v Wylie
  • Wilson v Pringle

5. False imprisonment C does not need to be aware - couldn't have left house if they tried

  • Murray v MOD
  • Ashley v MPC
  • White v WP Brown
  • Bird v Jones


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