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2. Placing objects/people on C's land is trespass - threw D onto C's land

  • Westripp v Baldock
  • Smith v Stone
  • Anderson v Bryan
  • Bernstein v Skyviews

3. Necessity can be a defence to TTP - police fired gas into a shop to get out a dangerous criminal

  • Delaney v Smith
  • Rigby v Chief Constable
  • Basely v Clarkson
  • Smith v Stone

4. Land is surface soil and anything fixed to it (e.g buildings/trees)

  • S205 Law of Property Act 1955
  • S105 Law of Property Act 1955
  • S205 Law of Property Act 1925
  • S105 Law of Property Act 1925

5. The landowner owns as much airspace 'as is necessary for ordinary use and enjoyment of land' - Temporary drone, not trespass

  • Harrison v Duke of Ruthland
  • Anchor v Berkley
  • Bernstein v Skyviews
  • Anderson v Bryan


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