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2. When did the war finish?

  • November 11th 1918
  • September 4th 1918
  • July 27th 1919
  • February 29th 1918

3. What were David Lloyd Georges aims?

  • Strengthen trade, not too harsh a punishment, eradicate Germany's navy and colonies.
  • Punish harshly
  • Increase navy size
  • Punish France

4. What were Woodrow Wilsons aims?

  • Publish 14 points, and not punish too harshly
  • Increase trading
  • Punish harshly
  • Make Germany take all the blame

5. Who were the Triple Entente?

  • Britain, France and Russia
  • Austria-Hungary, France and Germany
  • Britain, Germany and Italy
  • France, Italy and Russia


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