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2. What does armistice mean?

  • To sign an agreement
  • To put down your weapons
  • To run away
  • To continue fighting

3. Who were the Triple alliance?

  • Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  • Britain, Germany, Italy
  • Italy, Spain, Russia
  • Belgium, France, Germany

4. What were Georges Clemenceau's aims?

  • Scared Germany would want revenge so should go easy
  • To cripple Germany, make an attack on France impossible, wanted revenge, make Germany take the blame.
  • Make world peace
  • Wanted light punishment, maintain trade and friendship, increase their navy size

5. Who were the Triple Entente?

  • France, Italy and Russia
  • Austria-Hungary, France and Germany
  • Britain, France and Russia
  • Britain, Germany and Italy


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