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2. What did Wodak find in 2005?

  • That drug treatment programmes are expensive
  • That methadone is 100% effective
  • That people were more likely to stay on treatment programmes than any other programmes
  • That methadone is useless

3. Why is the methadone slowly reduced?

  • So you don't die
  • There is not enough for everybody
  • To avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • It is expensive

4. What are some strengths of methadone?

  • It gets you high
  • Safer, breaks link with dealer and avoids diseases caused by needle sharing
  • It tastes nice, can be easliy administrated and stops you from seeing a dealer
  • Sops you from taking heroin and makes you want to take cocaine

5. How does methadone work?

  • It is not associated to heroin
  • It replaces heroin at the synapse
  • It binds on to heroin at the synapse
  • It reduces the effectiveness of heroin at the synapse


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