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2. Can you overdose on methadone?

  • No- only when taken with other drugs
  • Easily which is why it is really dangerous
  • It is impossible to overdose on methadone
  • Sometimes, depending on your luck

3. Why is there political opposition to methadone programmes?

  • Because it might not work
  • Because of the many weaknesses of methadone programmes
  • Because of the withdrawal symptoms the addict will experience after
  • Because of too much government funding

4. How does methadone work?

  • It is not associated to heroin
  • It reduces the effectiveness of heroin at the synapse
  • It replaces heroin at the synapse
  • It binds on to heroin at the synapse

5. Why is the methadone slowly reduced?

  • To avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • There is not enough for everybody
  • It is expensive
  • So you don't die


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