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3 types of planning proccesses
Boosterism, Bottom up, Top Down
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what is boosterism
no planning - organic development , minimum interference from goverment, no barriers
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bottoms up
where planning starts with locals
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top down
planninst starts with govermernt
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disadvantages of top down
plans can be created out of cities - profits can be leakages
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3 development theories
modernisation- dependencies - neo liberalism
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what is modernisation
where countries give up traditional ways, undeveloped country following developed country
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what is dependancy
where countries are exploited by developed countries making them dependant
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what is neo liberalism
free market, no goverment restirctions - removes barriers and restrictions - allows investent from other countries
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how is neo liberalism applied to phu quock
Goverment offered investors chance to invest in order to acceleate plans , 2 out of 21 projects invested by foriegn investment and two by joint ventures
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implications of neo liberalism to phu quock
high leakages, alienates locals
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example of mordernisation to phu quock
becoming a high quality eco tourism centre of the country
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implications of modernisation
culture dissapears, traditional pratices abandoned, development may not suit locals
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facts about phu qock
500,000 visitors in 2012 aiming for 2-3 million in 2020 - peak seasons is between november - march ,
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what is the populatin
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proposed developments of phu quock
new airport, new infastructure,deep sea port and marinas, new hotels
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how much has been invested in new transport scheme( new roads)
389 million
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how much has the economoy grown in last 10 years
by 500 percent
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who are the stakeholders in phu quock
tourists, host population, ngo's, goverment , tourism industry
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why is planning conducted
to increase and maximise benefits to tourists and seeking solutions for problems in countrires
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how much has the grant fallen from
7.85 million in 2011- 2012 to 6Million in 2014-2015
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how many jobs have been lost to date
40 jobs
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how many visitors a year do they get?
10 million visotrs
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how much revenue is spent by visitors
356 million
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what is the sandford principles
where there may be a conflict between nature and peoples enjoyment - nature always come first
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an example of the sandford principle
racing activites have been banned due to tyres wearing out wet peak - damaging the environment
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how was this applied ?
cyclists were banned from certain routes
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another example
banned bbq's because of rubbish
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way in which income can be generated at peak distrcit
more cafes, improved cycling faciities, admission fees, fines, renting out more land
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disadvantages of more cafes
visual polution, litter, need to make a dedicated road for delieveries
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disadvantages of admission fees
less visitors - means less business for local area and tourism
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plogs three types
allocentric, mid centric , pyschocentric
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what is allocentric
independent travellers above avergae income, want more adventurous experiences
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what is mid centric
majority of travellers,seek well known established destinations, goes to destinations populated with allocentrics
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less sure, more insecure travellers, like similar to home,like the familar, repear visitors
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4 types of travellers
organised mass tourist, indivudal mass torusits, explorer, drifter
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what is a organised mass tourist
on organised package holiday - minimal contact with host community
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indivudal mass tourist -
similar to organised mass tourist however desire to see other sights not covered on organised
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arranges travel independantly - wants to expieinrce social and culture aspects of destination
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do not want to contact with other tourists or their accomodation and wish to live with host community
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butlers lifecylce
exploration,involvemnt,development,consolidation, stagnation, rejeventation, decline
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define explortation
where tourists discover area - no tourists facilities
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tourists realise demand for tourists and start to provide facilities such as acomodation, travel , food, guides
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big companies invest, creates job opportunities, package holidays , increases jobs in tourism and construction
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dominated by tourism - tourism becomes a big source of income, older building start to become attractive -
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compeition from other resorts - destination looses features - i.e nice beach becomes litter filled , numbers level off and begin to decline
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goverement or private company invests money into area - to create new attraction with orignal resort
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an example of rujeventation
pleasure beach at blackpool
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numbers decrease slowly or rapid - regular visitors replaced by day trippers or people seeking a cheap break
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