Transport: Road pricing and combating road congestion

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1. Road space - as congestion increases, the non-rivalry characteristic has been undermined - because one additional drivers use of the road will further restrict the use of others. Road space is ?

  • A quasi-public good
  • Private good
  • Public good
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2. In practice, cars will contain __________ linked to a satellite which will monitor their location and direction.

  • Monitoring boxes
  • Black boxes
  • Silver boxes

3. Motorists should be charged for the externalities they create - the externalities should be ?

  • Internalised
  • Taken account of in the marginal private cost

4. ____________ can become a more effective substitute for the private car where the system is reliable, efficient, clean and safe with a high degree of connectivity. True of many urban systems in e.g. France, Germany

  • Public transport
  • Private transport
  • Taxi services

5. _______ is when demand exceeds supply on a given network at a given time period e.g. rush hours, school holidays etc.

  • Congestion
  • Loading
  • Excess demand
  • Peaking


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