Transport in Animals - F211

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1. Animals that do which 2 things need more energy?

  • Animals which keep themselves warm and which are very active
  • Animals which regulate their body temperature and have a fast metabolism
  • Animals which have a fast metabolism and which sleep a lot
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2. Diffusion alone cannot support larger organisms because...

  • they have a smaller surface-area-to-volume ratio so the surface area is not large enough to allow enough nutrients to diffuse into the organism
  • The pores across which substances diffuse become blocked by new cells from mitosis
  • the cells lose mitochondria which produce energy fo diffusion

3. To allow animals to grow larger they need what?

  • A range of tissues & structural support to give the body strength
  • A range of systems in the body which support the growth
  • Bones and Ligaments
  • A large amount of cells to duplicate via mitosis

4. When animals grow larger...

  • their surface area increases
  • their volume increases but not their surface area
  • their surface area and volume increases
  • their cells grow larger

5. For larger animals, diffusion is...

  • not an efficient system alone as not all of the cells are near their environment
  • a better transport sytstem as the cells get the nutrients they are lacking in.
  • not an efficient system because it is too slow
  • the best transport system


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