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2. What would an ECG trace be used to find?

  • The size of the heart muscle
  • Whether part of the heart muscle is unhealthy
  • The blood pressure within the heart

3. What is dissociation?

  • Release of carbon dioxide from the haemoglobin
  • Attraction of oxygen to the haemoglobin
  • Release of oxygen from the haemoglobin
  • Release of hydrogen from the haemoglobin

4. How is the artery adapted to maintain a high pressure?

  • Valves
  • Wide lumen
  • Narrow lumen
  • Thin walls

5. Which part of the heart is called the pacemaker?

  • Atrioventricular node
  • Vena cava
  • Sinoatrial node
  • Purkyne tissue


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