Transport Systems in Plants

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1. What is not used to make the transpiration stream work ?

  • Active transport
  • Adhesion using hydrogen bonds between walls of xylem and water
  • Pressure from the water molecules make sit move up
  • Movement through apoplast or symplast pathway
  • Activley transporting ions into the stem to lower PSI
  • Cohesion using hydrogen bonds between the water molecules
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2. Why do plants have transport systems?

  • Large SA:V
  • To send leafmail to each other
  • Large and multicellular
  • Impatient and Rash

3. The apoplast pathway goes through..?

  • The cell walls
  • Plasmodesmata in the cytoplasm

4. What is evidence for translocation?

  • Sieve plates roles are unclear
  • If a metabolic poision is usedtranslocation is stopped
  • Not all solutes in phlowm move at the same rate

5. What do sieve plates not have?

  • Many plasmodesmata between compaion cells to allow comunication
  • Pores to allow entry to ions
  • Is between sieveplates
  • Dense cytoplasm


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