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2. Polycistronic mRNAs consist of multiple polypeptide- producing segments, each of which contains a________site for ribosome binding and initiation of translation

  • Moon Dalagarno
  • Shine Damon
  • Shine Dalagarno
  • Moonshine

3. ___________ are machines that contain multiple ribosomal RNAs and proteins

  • Nucleosomes
  • Ribosomes
  • Endoplasmic reticulums
  • Pores

4. Release factors are coded for by UAG, UAA,UGA and are responsible for addition of water instead of an amino acid, this _________

  • Terminates translation
  • Elongates translation

5. Energy is needed from _______ of GTP molecule to form the initiation complex

  • Hydrolysis
  • Condensation


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