Transition Metal Definitions Quiz

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1. Water is usually left out of the Kstab equation as water is in exess and

  • All compounds are dissolved in water
  • The equilibrium constant for an equilibrium existing between a transition metal ion surrounded by water ligands and the complex formed when the same ion has undergone a ligand substitution
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2. Copper-oxygen bonds are longer than copper-nitrogen bonds so the shape of the [Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2]2+ complex ion is described as

  • Distorted octahedral
  • Octahedral
  • Tetrahedral
  • Square planar

3. EDTA is used in detergents to reduce hardness of water, in food to act as a stabiliser stopping the oxidation of the product and in

  • Forms a coordiate bond with a metal ion in a complex, it is known as a chelating agent which means it decreases the concentration of metal ions in solution by binding to them
  • Medical applications, added to blood to prevent clotting and to treat patiens suffering from lead and mercury posioning
  • The total number of coordinate bonds formed between a central metal ion and its ligands

4. 4 coordinate bonds usually means a ______ shape

  • Tetrahedral, however in some it could be square planar eg [NiCl2(NH3)2]
  • Octahedral

5. A precipitation reaction is one in which soluble ions, in seperate solutions, are mixed together to produce an insoluble compound -

  • This settles out of solution as a solid, the insoluble compound is called a precipitate
  • Changing oxidation states and binding to reactants forming intermediates as part of a chemical pathway with a lower activation energy




I'm sorry about the last comment, my friend wrote it because he didn't want to accept that he got some answers wrong in this quiz. I just got 100% on this quiz and with it It helped enhance my knowledge on Transition Metals as a whole. Keep up with the resources guys!!! 

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