Transition Metal Definitions Quiz

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1. It is believed that cis platin acts by binding to the DNA of fast growing cancer cells, altering their DNA and it is generally believed that this

  • Prevents the cells from reproducing by these changes to the DNA structure, eventually this leads to activation of the cells own repair mechanisms and death of the cancer cells
  • Speeds up cell reproduction until they explode by apoptosis
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2. In the reaction between copper(II) ions and hydrochloric acid the reaction can be reversed by adding

  • Water
  • Ammonia

3. In the formula of the complex ion, square brackets group together the species making up the complex ion and

  • The overall charge is shown outside the brackets (the overall charge is shown outside the brackets)
  • A molecule or ion that can donate a pair of electrons with the transition metal ion to form a coordinate bond

4. 4 coordinate bonds usually means a ______ shape

  • Tetrahedral, however in some it could be square planar eg [NiCl2(NH3)2]
  • Octahedral

5. The reaction of copper(II) ions and hydrochloric acid

  • [Cu(H2O)6]2+(aq) +4CL-(aq) --> [CuCl4]2-(aq) +6H2O(l)
  • From pale blue to dark blue, in the reaction four of the water ligands are replaced by four ammonia ligands [Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2]2+




I'm sorry about the last comment, my friend wrote it because he didn't want to accept that he got some answers wrong in this quiz. I just got 100% on this quiz and with it It helped enhance my knowledge on Transition Metals as a whole. Keep up with the resources guys!!! 

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