Transition Metal Definitions Quiz

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1. Cis platin is one of the most effective drugs against many forms of cancer - it is the cis isomer of the platinum complex

  • [PtCl2(NH3)2]
  • The total number of coordinate bonds formed between a central metal ion and its ligands
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2. In the reaction of cobalt(II) ions and concentrated hydrocholoric acid the six water molecules are replaced by

  • Four chloride molecules
  • 6 chloride molecules

3. Chloride ligands are larger than water ligands and have stronger repulsions therefore

  • Fewer chloride ligands can fit around the central metal ion
  • In the reaction between copper(II) ions and hydrochloric acid

4. The requirements for optical isomerism are a complex with three molecules or ions of a bidentate ligand

  • OR a complex with two molecules or ions of a bidentate ligand and two molecules of a monodentate ligand, OR a complex with one hexadentate ligand
  • A complex with three molecules or ions of a bidentate ligand

5. It is believed that cis platin acts by binding to the DNA of fast growing cancer cells, altering their DNA and it is generally believed that this

  • Prevents the cells from reproducing by these changes to the DNA structure, eventually this leads to activation of the cells own repair mechanisms and death of the cancer cells
  • Speeds up cell reproduction until they explode by apoptosis



I'm sorry about the last comment, my friend wrote it because he didn't want to accept that he got some answers wrong in this quiz. I just got 100% on this quiz and with it It helped enhance my knowledge on Transition Metals as a whole. Keep up with the resources guys!!! 

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